Thursday, April 2, 2009

Desperado in the Greenhouse

So, this being my first post and all... I have the perfect incident to clue you in on how my life rolls. First a little background.... I was out of town last week and this week has been rather manic with kid drama (more about that in a later post). So, today was the first day I have been able to "work" in my greenhouse for almost a full week. Seriously people, I LOVALOVA my greenhouse and covet my time there! ;D

This morning I did a little household chores, always dreaded and never ending, and then headed out. First getting side tracked by a little game of Newfie ball, then meandering my way through the hens and all their assorted drama...... apparantly miss chocolate was winking at.... oh never-mind, I got sidetracked again. Finally getting to the greenhouse.

I have a very set pattern you see. Hook up the hoses & water what needs it. Then I move on to pulling a few weeds and other minor maintenance chores and then I get to plant. Sometimes planting bulbs, sometimes dividing and repotting and sometimes sowing seeds... my personal favorite. Today I had a little of all three. So, I got to business.

I got through my first set of plans and took a break to text my sister and jot down some notes on a class I'm teaching this Saturday. Suddenly I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was the dog..... Nope, turns out I have a rodent. Honestly, from the looks of it, she's made herself VERY comfortable in my greenhouse. She looks to weigh a good couple of pounds... In fact I wondered "Do we have rats in Idaho?" Uh no.... she's just been here a while.

So, I did what every good level headed woman does. I stood up & shrieked at her. She, no kidding, stood her ground and stared me down (think Clint Eastwood style) in the alley of the greenhouse...... I grabbed the hose and chased her down. She ran under a canopy of Allysum. So... off I go, muttering under my breath, to find that damned cat that I employ. Of course I can't locate the one that really does hunt. All I could find was my daughter's cat.....picture Garfield. Yeah....really. I picked him up & off we go. I set him down where I had seen her last, he sniffed around & then went to take a nap on my seeding bench. BAST****.

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