Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farm Blurb

I have a retailer that requested that I come up with a small P.R. piece to put on my display at her store. So, after pestering my mom and sister and rolling it around in my head a bit -- well ok, for 6 weeks or so -- here is what I came up with:

Welcome to Webster Ranch Natural Farms
What makes us different? Our plants are grown slowly, and as naturally as possible. They will adapt easier when transplanted to their new home, your home. No synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides have been used, and many of the pots have been recycled from previous seasons.
These little plants are grown locally, on a bio-dynamic heritage farm, in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. Local, slow, natural plants have smaller carbon footprints, and a better quality product. We hope you enjoy them!
You can now check us out on fa cebook. Just search for Webster Ranch Natural Farms. Also, keep up with our food growing adventures on our blog:

Thank you for supporting local agriculture.
We couldn't do it without you!!

So, what do you think? Too kooky? Or is it just right? Any ideas? ;D

**BTW, if you have plant geek questions, post them.... Maybe you'll be famous in an upcoming blog......

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